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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016R&D dynamics with asymmetric efficiencyFerreira,M; João Paulo Almeida; Bruno Mendes Oliveira; Alberto Pinto
2013Radiation tests on a bluetooth based front-end electronic device towards a subcutaneous continuous glucose monitoring sensorSérgio Santos Silva; Soares,S; António Valente; António Paulo Moreira
2011Radiation Tolerant Low Power 12-bit ADC in 130 nm CMOS TechnologyFilipe José Sousa; Paulo Moreira; José Machado da Silva
2012RAIA Observatory: Visualization of Oceanographic Data under INSPIRE DirectiveM. Hermida; B Vila; A. Gómez; C. Cortizas; X. Méndez; Artur Rocha; Marco Amaro Oliveira; P. Díaz
2013The railway blues: Affective interaction for personalised transport experiencesCosta,PM; Vasalou,A; Pitt,J; Teresa Galvão; João Falcão Cunha
2013Random rules from data streamsEzilda Duarte Almeida; Kosina,P; João Gama
2014Rapid development of first person serious games using the APEX platform: The Asthma GameGomes,T; Abade,T; José Creissac Campos; Michael Douglas Harrison; José Luís Silva
2016An RDMA Middleware for Asynchronous Multi-stage Shuffling in Analytical ProcessingRui Carlos Gonçalves; José Orlando Pereira; Jimenez Peris,R
2015Reactive power management of a wind farm to prevent voltage collapse of an electric power systemMonteiro Pereira,RM; Machado Ferreira,CM; Fernando Maciel Barbosa
2012REAL TIME MONITORING OF DNA HYBRIDIZATION WITH LONG PERIOD FIBER GRATING FOR FOOD INDUSTRY APPLICATIONSHamid LAtifi; L. Pereira; Paula Martins-Lopes; Mohammad Ismail Zibaii; Carlos Jesus Gouveia; José Ramiro Fernandes; Pedro Jorge; D. Pratas
2015Real time monitoring oxidation of transition metals with long period fiber gratingsLuís Carlos Coelho; Diana Viegas; José Luís Santos; José Almeida
2015Real time visual SLAM for underwater robotic inspectionMeireles,M; Lourenco,R; Dias,A; José Miguel Almeida; Hugo Miguel Silva; Alfredo Martins
2013Real-Time and Continuous Hand Gesture Spotting: an Approach Based on Artificial Neural NetworksNeto,P; Pereira,D; Norberto Pires,JN; António Paulo Moreira
2013Real-time Augmented Reality shopping platform for studying consumer cognitive experiencesStoyanova,J; Goncalves,R; António Coelho; Pedro Brito
2014Real-time dosimeter targeted to nuclear applicationsCorreia,A; Carla Carmelo Rosa; Santos,PMP; Falcao,AN; Lorentz,K
2014Real-time manipulation of syncopation in audio loopsCocharro,D; Sioros,G; Marcelo Freitas Caetano; Matthew Davies
2014Real-time percussive beat trackingRobertson,A; Matthew Davies; Stark,A
2010Real-Time Stereo Matching on FPGACarlos Resende; João Canas Ferreira
2016A Realistic Evaluation of Iris Presentation Attack DetectionSequeira,AF; Thavalengal,S; Ferryman,J; Corcoran,P; Jaime Cardoso
2014Reassuring the elderly regarding the use of mobile devices for mobilityAntónio Cunha; Trigueiros,P; Lemos,T