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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A Tabu Search Approach for the Hybrid Flow ShopJoão Pedro Pedroso; Nicolau Filipe Santos
2016Tackling Class Imbalance with RankingCruz,R; Kelwin Alexander Correia; Jaime Cardoso; Pinto Costa,JFP
2013TAG4VD - A game for collaborative video annotationJosé Pedro Pinto; Paula Viana
2014Target oriented relational model findingAlcino Cunha; Nuno Moreira Macedo; Guimaraes,T
2008Teaching advanced digital systems design at FEUPAlves,J; António Araújo
2013Teaching of Fourier Series Expansions in undergraduate educationReis,MJCS; Soares,S; Cardeal,S; Raul Morais; Emanuel Peres Correia; Ferreira,PJSG
2014Teaching Optics with the centennial universal lanternJoao Carvalhal,MJ; Monteiro,M; Manuel Joaquim Marques
2010Teaching, Learning and Exploring the Use of Project Based LearningFernando Maciel Barbosa; M. M. Travassos Valdez; C. I. Faustino Agreira; C. M. Machado Ferreira
2014Tear film maps based on the lipid interference patternsBeatriz Remeseiro López; Mosquera,A; Penedo,MG; Garcia Resua,C
2015TEC4SEA - A modular platform for research, test and validation of technologies supporting a sustainable blue economyMonica,P; Alfredo Martins; Olivier,A; Aníbal Matos; José Miguel Almeida; Nuno Cruz; José Carlos Alves; Henrique Salgado; Luís Manuel Pessoa; Pedro Jorge; Rui Lopes Campos; Manuel Ricardo; Pinho,C; Silva,A; Jesus,S; Eduardo Silva
2011Technical Analisys and Approaches for Game Development in Second LifeAndré Cruz; António Coelho; Armando Sousa
2011Technical and Economic Assessment for Deployment of Distribution Automation Equipments - Enabling Self-Healing StrategiesRoberto Moreiro; Nuno Silva; Hélder Leite
2012Technical and Economic Assessment for Optimal Sizing of Distributed StorageIsmael Miranda; Nuno Silva; Hélder Leite
2011Technical and Economical Impacts of the 2010's Grid Code Requirements for Wind Energy in PortugalAdelino Barbosa; Jose Barros; Hélder Leite; Paulo Pereira; Jose Carvalhosa
2018Technical database on robotics-based educational platforms for K-12 studentsHugo Costelha; Neves,C; 5759
2010A Technical Management and Market Operation Framework for Electric Vehicles Integration into Electric Power SystemsLuís Seca; Pedro Rocha Almeida; João Peças Lopes; Carlos Moreira; Filipe Joel Soares
2015Techniques for efficient MATLAB-to-C compilationJoão Bispo; Luís Cubal Reis; João Paiva Cardoso
2013Technology Challenges of Virtual Worlds in Education & Training - Research directionsLeonel Morgado
2018Technology usage as a way to increase safety and security in different geographies: Testimonials on the use of technology in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAu Yong Oliveira,M; Ramiro Gonçalves; Frederico Branco; José Luís Martins; Moreira,F; 5754; 6516; 6499
2016A telemedicine application using WebRTCMário João Antunes; Silva,C; Barranca,J