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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Validation of dose measurements by scintillating fiber optic dosimeters for medical applicationsCorreia,A; Pirraco,R; Carla Carmelo Rosa
2014Validity Checking of Putback Transformations in Bidirectional ProgrammingHu,Z; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Fischer,S
2008Value Creation by leveraging interoperability between virtual and real-world business environmentsJoão José Ferreira; Paulo Jorge Afonso Alves
2017The Value of Reserve for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Parking LotsNilufar Neyestani; João Catalão
2011Vehicle routing for mixed solid waste collection - comparing alternative hierarchical formulationsMaria Antónia Carravilla; Teresa Bianchi Aguiar; José Fernando Oliveira
2016Vehicle-to-grid profitability considering EV battery degradationCalvillo,CF; Czechowski,K; Söder,L; Sanchez Miralles,A; José Villar
2012Vehicular Sensing: Emergence of a Massive Urban Scanner.Luís Moreira Matias; Michel Ferreira; Ricardo Fernandes; Hugo Conceição; Luis Damas; Fernanda Lima; João Gama; Pedro Gomes
2016Verifiable Side-Channel Security of Cryptographic Implementations: Constant-Time MEE-CBCJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F
2013Verifying bigraphical models of architectural reconfigurationsAlejandro Sánchez; Luís Soares Barbosa; Riesco,D
2016Verifying Constant-Time ImplementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F; Emmi,M
2012Very Fast Decision Rules for Multi-class ProblemsJoão Gama; Petr Kosina
2017Very high resolution aerial data to support multi-temporal precision agriculture information managementPádua,L; Adão,T; Hruška,J; Sousa,JJ; Emanuel Peres Correia; Morais,R; António Ribeiro Sousa
2014ViBest SHM: an information system and data repository for structural health monitoringda Costa,FP; Cunha,A; Gabriel David
2014VIC - An interactive video system for dynamic visualization in web and mobile platformsBenjamim Fonseca; Hugo Paredes; Paulo Martins; Alberto,A; Rego,J; Leonel Morgado; Santos,A
2015Video analysis in indoor soccer using a quadcopterFerreira,FT; Jaime Cardoso; Hélder Filipe Oliveira
2016Video Annotation for Immersive Journalism using Masking TechniquesMeira,J; Marques,J; João Tiago Jacob; Rui Silva Nóbrega; Rui Pedro Rodrigues; António Coelho; Augusto de Sousa,AA
2016Video Based Group Tracking and ManagementAmérico José Pereira; Familiar,A; Moreira,B; Teresa Cristina Terroso; Pedro Miguel Carvalho; Luís Corte Real
2018Viewing hidden data using HadoopPerez Cota,MP; José Luís Martins; Frederico Branco; Ramiro Gonçalves; Gonzalez Castro,MRG; Diaz Rodriguez,MD; 6516; 6499; 5754
2012Virtual Archaeology in Second Life and OpenSimulatorLuís Sequeira; Leonel Morgado
2014Virtual Enterprise Process Management: An Application to Industrial MaintenanceFilipe David Ferreira; Américo Azevedo; José Faria; Rojas,E