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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Negotiation Aid System For Promotion of Distributed Generation and RenewablesIgnácio Ramirez-Rosado; Vladimiro Miranda; Cláudio Monteiro
2002A Negotiation Aid System for the Development of Distributed Renewable GenerationCláudio Monteiro; Ignácio Ramirez-Rosado; Vladimiro Miranda
2005Negotiation Aid System to Define Priority Maps for Wind Farm DevelopmentIgnácio Ramirez-Rosado; Eduardo García-Garrido; Vladimiro Miranda; Cláudio Monteiro
2015Network comparison using directed graphletsDavid Oliveira Aparício; Pedro Manuel Ribeiro; Fernando Silva
2000A Neural Network Classifier for the Die Casting IndustryManuel Matos; João Cardoso; José Nuno Fidalgo
1996Neural networks applied to preventive control measures for the dynamic security of isolated power systems with renewablesJoão Peças Lopes; José Nuno Fidalgo; Vladimiro Miranda
2002New Evolutionary Particle Swarm Algorithm (Epso) Applied to Voltage/Var ControlNuno Fonseca; Vladimiro Miranda
2006New Technical and Conceptual Solutions to Allow a Larger Increase of the Integration of Intermittent Energy Sources in Power SystemsJoão Peças Lopes
2000A Novel Approach to ARQ Erros Control Mechanisms for Wireless LANs CommunicationsSílvio Abrantes; Nuno Teixeira Almeida
2013On Comparing Alternative Splitting Strategies for Or-Parallel Prolog Execution on MulticoresVieira,Rui; Ricardo Rocha; Fernando Silva
2004On the Optimization of the Daily Operation of a Wind-Hydro Power PlantEdgardo Castronuovo ; João Peças Lopes
2000On-line Dynamic Security Assessment based on Kernel Regression TreesJoão Peças Lopes; Helena Vasconcelos
2000On-Line Dynamic Security Assessment of Isolated Networks Integrating Large Wind Power ProductionHelena Vasconcelos; N. Hatziargyriou; E. Karapidakis; João Peças Lopes
1999On-Line Dynamic Security Assessment of Power Systems in Large Islands with High Wind Power PenetrationE. Karapidakis; Helena Vasconcelos; João Peças Lopes; N. Hatziargyriou
2008An Open Source Business Roles Model for IMS-based Converged ServicesFernando Luís Almeida
2015Operational ResearchJoão Paulo Almeida; Oliveira,JF; Alberto Pinto
2004Optical fiber probes for fluorescence based oxygen sensingCarla Carmelo Rosa; José Luís Santos; Pedro Jorge; Paulo Caldas; Abel Oliva
1983Optimal emplacement of switching devices in radial distribution networksVladimiro Miranda
2001Optimization of the Internal Electric Network Configuration of Wind Parks Using Evolutionary Programming TechniquesJoão Peças Lopes; Fernanda Resende
1979Optimization Studies In Distribution Networks Including Reliability CalculationsVladimiro Miranda