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dc.contributor.authorJosé Creissac Camposen
dc.contributor.authorRui Miguel Coutoen
dc.contributor.authorAlcino Cunhaen
dc.contributor.authorNuno Moreira Macedoen
dc.description.abstractAlloy is a lightweight formal specification language, supported by an IDE, which has proven well-suited for reasoning about software design in early development stages. The IDE provides a visualizer that produces graphical representations of analysis results, which is essential for the proper validation of the model. Alloy is a rich language but inherently static, so behavior needs to be explicitly encoded and reasoned about. Even though this is a common scenario, the visualizer presents limitations when dealing with such models. The main contribution of this paper is a principled approach to generate instance visualizations, which improves the current Alloy Visualizer, focusing on the representation of behavior. c R. Couto, J. C. Campos, N. Macedo & A. Cunha This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.en
dc.titleImproving the Visualization of Alloy Instancesen
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