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Title: Elliptical Monopole Antenna on InP Substrate for Sub-THz RTD-based Oscillators
Authors: Henrique Salgado
Hugo Miguel Santos
Luís Manuel Pessoa
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The high permittivity of InP substrates has been a limiting factor for the bandwidth and efficiency of antennas fabricated in this material. In this manuscript we propose an elliptical monopole, monolithically fabricated in InP, fed by a CPW line. The suggested topology was simulated using HFSS finite element method. Input reflection coefficient measurements were performed on the monopole to validate the proposed antenna. Simulated and measured -10 dB bandwidths of 27 and 24 GHz were obtained, respectively. The peak simulated efficiency and realized gain were 95.37% and 4.6 dBi.
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