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Title: Towards a Simulation-Based Medical Education Platform for PVSio-Web
Authors: José Creissac Campos
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Interface design flaws are often at the root cause of use errors in medical devices. Medical incidents are seldom reported, thus hindering the understanding of the incident contributing factors. Moreover, when dealing with a use error, both novices and expert users often blame themselves for insufficient knowledge rather than acknowledge deficiencies in the device. Simulation-Based Medical Education (SBME) platforms can provide appropriate training to professionals, especially if the right incentives to keep training are in place. In this paper, we present a new SBME, particularly targeted at training interaction with medical devices such as ventilators and infusion pumps. Our SBME functions as a game mode of the PVSio-web, a graphical environment for design, evaluation, and simulation of interactive (human-computer) systems. An analytical evaluation of our current implementation is provided, by comparing the features on our SBME with a set of requirements for game-based medical simulators retrieved from the literature. By being developed in a free, open source platform, our SBME is highly accessible and can be easily adapted to specific use cases, such a specific hospital with a defined set of medical devices. © 2018 IEEE.
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