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dc.contributor.authorLeandro Rafael Gomesen
dc.description.abstractDynamic logic is a powerful framework for reasoning about imperative programs. An extension with a concurrent operator, called concurrent propositional dynamic logic (CPDL) [20], was introduced to formalise programs running in parallel. In a different direction, other authors proposed a systematic method for generating multi-valued propositional dynamic logics to reason about weighted programs [15]. This paper presents the first step of combining these two frameworks to introduce uncertainty in concurrent computations. In the proposed framework, a weight is assigned to each branch of the parallel execution, resulting in a (possible) asymmetric parallelism, inherent to the fuzzy programming paradigm [2, 23]. By adopting such an approach, a family of logics is obtained, called multi-valued concurrent propositional dynamic logics ), parametric on an action lattice specifying a notion of “weight” assigned to program execution. Additionally, the validity of some axioms of CPDL is discussed in the new family of generated logics. © 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.en
dc.titleOn the Construction of Multi-valued Concurrent Dynamic Logicsen
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