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Title: A Model to Remarry the Active/Reactive Power Dispatches in Competitive Environment and Active/Reactive Marginal Prices Computation
Authors: João Tomé Saraiva
Mário Hélder Gomes
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: This paper describes a mathematical formulation for the active/reactive dispatch in electricity markets, including a number issues present in market models in force in several countries. Traditional market approaches are implemented con-sidering a sequence of activities namely in terms of active power dispatch and ancillary services. However, these two problems are coupled in the sense that dispatching reactive power is not independent from active power scheduling of generators. The proposed model admits that it is known the purely economic pool dispatch together with bilateral contracts and then it aims at dispatching reactive resources considering voltage and branch limit constraints and constraints reflecting the alterna-tor capability curve. As a sub-result, this formulation also out-puts nodal active and reactive marginal prices that can be useful to build tariff schemes. Finally, the paper includes a case study based on the IEEE 30 bus/41 branch system to illustrate the obtained
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