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Title: New revenue streams with IMS and Mobile Web 2.0
Authors: Fernando Luís Almeida
José Manuel Oliveira
Jose M. Cruz
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The appearance of Web 2.0 applications on the Internet offers a wealth of new opportunities for Telecom Service Providers. One of the biggest opportunities lies on the confluence of telecommunications with Web 2.0. Telecom Service Providers that are able to become comprehensive information service providers will certainly profit with Web 2.0. The foundations for telecom-web convergence can be found in the inherent technology and platform features of IMS. This paper will introduce the concepts of Mobile Web 2.0 and will analyze the role of IMS in Mobile Web 2.0. Lastly, it will compare two implementation approaches of an IMS/Mobile Web 2.0 strategy and it will look to the new business models generated by the combination of these two technologies.
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