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Title: A Decision Support System to Analyze the Influence of Distributed Generation in Energy Distribution Networks
Authors: José Nuno Fidalgo
Dalila Fontes
Susana Silva
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: Recent changes in electric network infrastructure and government policies have created opportunities for the employment of distributed generation to achieve a variety of benefits. In this paper we propose a decisions support system to assess some of the technical benefits, namely: 1) voltage profile improvement; 2) power losses reduction; and 3) network capacity investment deferral, brought through branches congestion reduction. The simulation platform incorporates the classical Newton- Raphson algorithm to solve the power flow equations. Simulation results are given for a real Semi-Urban medium voltage network, considering different load scenarios (Summer, Winter, Valley, Peak and In Between Hours), different levels of micro- generation penetration, and different location distributions for the microgeneration units.
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