Identifying Management Procedures to Deal with Connection of Electric Vehicles in the Grid

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João Peças Lopes
Filipe Joel Soares
Pedro Miguel Rocha Almeida
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This paper describes a research developed to identify management procedures to deal with the charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs) batteries in scenarios characterized by a large scale deployment of this new kind of load. Three approaches were studied: dumb charging, dual tariff policy and smart charging. To assess the efficacy of such procedures, the grid integration of EVs was pushed to its limit for each of the adopted charging management approaches. A Medium Voltage (MV) grid, representative of a residential area distribution grid in Portugal, was used as testing environment. Several shares of EVs technologies were considered for different integration scenarios. Voltage profiles and branch congestion levels were evaluated, for the peak load hour, for grid technical limits checking. Losses were also evaluated for a typical daily load profile.