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Title: An UWB 3 - 5 GHz Common-Gate Low Noise Amplifier Designed in 0.13um Technology
Authors: Vítor Grade Tavares
Jelena Radi&#263
Manuel Cândido Santos

Cândido Duarte
Vítor Grade Tavares
Alena &#272
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In this paper design of low noise amplifier (LNA) for the low frequency band, 3-5 GHz, in UMC 0.13μm CMOS technology is presented. In order to achieve good input matching common-gate topology is used. High gain with low power consumption is obtained using cascade circuit configuration. LNA shows less than -10.91 dB input return loss (S11) and less than -11.81 dB output return loss (S22), noise figure (NF) of 3.56 dB to 3.98 dB, maximum gain (S21) of 21.25 dB while dissipating 5.54 mA from 1.2 V supply. The high circuit stability parameters Kf>58.83 and B1f>0.98 are obtained.
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