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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Probabilities and Fuzzy sets in the Evaluation of Renewable Energies - The SOLARGIS ExperienceCláudio Monteiro; Vladimiro Miranda
1999Aplicação de Técnicas Híbridas de Aprendizagem Automatica para Avaliação Rápida de Segurança Dinâmica de Redes Isoladas com Produção EólicaHelena Vasconcelos
1999Evaluation of the Impact of Load Uncertainties in Spot Prices Using Fuzzy Set ModelsJoão Tomé Saraiva
1996Generation / Transmission Power System Reliability Evaluation by Monte-Carlo Simulation Assuming a Fuzzy Load DescriptionJoão Tomé Saraiva; Leontina M. V. G. Pinto; Vladimiro Miranda
1997A Decision-Aid Method to Include Independent Fuzzy Modelled Generation in Distribution PlanningManuel Matos; Teresa Ponce Leão
1998Why Risk Analysis Outperforms Probabilistic Choice As The Effective Decision Support Paradigm For Power Systems PlanningLuis Miguel Proença; Vladimiro Miranda
2000On-Line Dynamic Security Assessment of Isolated Networks Integrating Large Wind Power ProductionHelena Vasconcelos; N. Hatziargyriou; E. Karapidakis; João Peças Lopes
1997Distribution Planning with Fuzzy Loads and Independent Generation", Proceedings of the 14th International Conference and Exhibition on Electric DistributionManuel Matos; Teresa Ponce Leão
1999Control Requirements for Optimal Operation of Large Isolated Systems with Increased Wind Power PenetrationHelena Vasconcelos; N. Hatziargyriou; João Peças Lopes; Cláudio Monteiro
1998Assessing Error Bars in Distribution Load Curve EstimationTeresa Ponce Leão; José Nuno Fidalgo; Manuel Matos