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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Intermodal interferometer for sensing applications fabricated in birefringent boron doped microstructured fiberJosé Luís Santos; J. Olszewski; P. Mergo; W. Urbanczyk; Joel Pedro Carvalho; G. Statkiewicz-Barabach; Orlando Frazão
2011Temperature and Strain-Independent Curvature Sensor Based on a Single mode/Multimode Fiber Optic StructureF. X. Malcata; Luís Alberto Ferreira; Francisco Araújo; José Luís Santos; Susana Oliveira Silva; Orlando Frazão
2012Fabry-Pérot cavities based on chemical etching for high temperature and strain measurementJosé Luís Santos; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão
2012A Reflective Optical Fiber Refractometer Based on Multimode InterferenceOrlando Frazão; F. X. Malcata; Susana Oliveira Silva; José Luís Santos
2012Long Period Gratings and Rocking Filters Written with a CO2 Laser in Highly-Birefringent Boron-Doped Photonic Crystal Fibres for Sensing ApplicationsJosé Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; P. Mergo; W. Urbanczyk; Joel Pedro Carvalho; A. Anuszkiewicz; G. Statkiewicz-Barabach; José Manuel Baptista
2012Theoretical and Experimental Results of High Birefringent Fiber Loop Mirror with an Output Port ProbeJosé Luís Santos; M. I. Zibaii; H. Latifi; Orlando Frazão; Ricardo Manuel Silva; A. Layeghi
2011250 km ultra long sensor system based on a Fiber Loop Mirror interrogated by an OTDRM. Lopez-Amo; José Manuel Baptista; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; M. Bravo
2011Optical Refractometer Based on Multimode Interference in a Pure Silica TubeJosé Luís Santos; J. Kobelke; K. Schuster; Orlando Frazão; Luís Carlos Coelho
2011Simultaneous Measurement of Curvature and Strain using a Suspended Multicore FiberK. Schuster; Marta Sofia Ferreira; J. Kobelke; Orlando Frazão; Ricardo Manuel Silva
2011New Interrogation Technique for Multiplexing LPG-fiber Loop mirrors based displacement sensors using an OTDRMikel Bravo; José Manuel Baptista; José Luís Santos; M. López-Amo; Orlando Frazão