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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Nanostrain Measurement using Chirped Bragg Grating Fabry-Perot InterferometerRicardo Manuel Silva; Orlando Frazão; Marta Sofia Ferreira; José Luís Santos
2012Temperature and Strain Sensing With Femtosecond Laser Written Bragg Gratings in Defect and Non-Defect Suspended-Silica-Core FibersPaulo Vicente Marques; H. Bartelt; M. Rothhardt; J. Kobelke; Luís André Fernandes; M. Becker; Orlando Frazão; K. Schuster; José Luís Santos
2012Spatial Optical Filter Sensor based on Hollow Core Silica TubeJosé Luís Santos; Marta Sofia Ferreira; Kay Schuster; jens Kobelke; Orlando Frazão
2012A novel highly birefringent fiber loop mirror sensor based on a 3×3 couplerJosé Luís Santos; Ricardo Manuel Silva; António B. Lobo Ribeiro; Orlando Frazão
2011Interferometric optical fiber inclinometer with dynamic FBG based interrogationPedro Jorge; E. L. Carvalho Junior; D. O. Figueiredo; Orlando Frazão; Joel Pedro Carvalho; J. C. W. A. Costa; Clenilson Silveira
2011Optical Fiber Refractometry Based on Multimode InterferenceFrancisco Araújo; Jaime Viegas; Luís Alberto Ferreira; José Luís Santos; Orlando Frazão; Susana Oliveira Silva
2011Dynamic Interrogation of Optical Fiber Sensors based on Long Period GratingJosé Luís Santos; Luís Carlos Coelho; José Manuel Baptista; Orlando Frazão; Joel Pedro Carvalho
2011Controlling the sensitivity of a Non-adiabatic tapered optical fiber for measuring the refractive index using all fiber Sagnac loop Interferometermohammad zibaii; H. Latifi; Pedro Jorge; Orlando Frazão
2011Fabry-Pérot cavity based on chemical etching for high temperature sensingOrlando Frazão; Paula Alexandra Tafulo; Pedro Jorge
2011A Simple Interrogation Technique for Refractive Index Measurement using Multimode InterferenceSusana Oliveira Silva; Orlando Frazão; José Luís Santos; F. Xavier Malcata