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Title: Remote Long Period Gratings/Fiber Bragg Gratings sensor based on Raman amplification
Authors: Thiago Nogueira Coelho
Pedro Jorge
Ariel Guerreiro
Maria José Pontes
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: In this work, we analyze a remote optical sensor system composed of two Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) and one Long Period Grading (LPG) capable of simultaneously sensing the temperature and the refractive index, separated by 50 km from the optical source and the interrogation unit. Since the active components of the system and the sensor head are separated over such a large distance, it is necessary to consider Raman amplification to strengthen the optical signal. We present both experimental measurements and the results of numerical simulations, which describe the signal evolution and predict the measurement results for a remote sensor based on a LPG. The simulation codes are also used to study a hybrid sensor composed of two FBGs with a LPG. We show that the power ratio between the two central wavelengths of the FBG has a linear relation with the change of refractive index of the sensored medium.
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