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Title: Compact Printed C-shaped Monopole Antenna With Chip Inductor
Authors: Qi Luo
José Rocha Pereira
Henrique Salgado
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: One compact printed monopole antenna with a chip inductor for dual-bandWLAN is presented. The proposed antenna has a two-armed structure and an electrically small size. The equivalent circuit structure of the chip inductor is studied and a simplified circuit structure is proposed. This simplified circuit structure was introduced into the electromagnetic (EM) simulation model by assigning a RLC boundary condition, and the experimental results show that with this model, the simulation can provide an accurate prediction of the antenna radiation performance. The measurement results show that the proposed monopole antenna has a VSWR 2:1 bandwidth over 2.41-2.49 and 5.2-5.6 GHz with omnidirectional radiation patterns. The simulation results suggest that the proposed antenna has a directivity around 1.5 dB at both bands with relatively high radiation efficiency. The antenna is designed and optimized by using Ansoft HFSS.
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