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Title: WIMU: WEARABLE INERTIAL MONITORING UNIT - A MEMS-based device for swimming performance analysis
Authors: Ana Sofia Silva
Miguel Velhote Correia
António José Salazar
Carla Mariana Silva
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Advances in sensor technology, electronic textile integration, and integrated circuits have introduced a paradigm shift in the way most researchers approach signal monitoring. In recent years, devices such as body sensor networks (BSN) allow for direct on-body physiological and biomechanical parameters measurements. Such technology allows for a more in depth analysis of an athlete's performance, without affecting the results due to awkward wires or uncomfortable carry-on devices. Miniaturization and other achievements allow a more seamless interaction with the individual, permitting a more natural behaviour during the monitoring session. The project BIOSWIM (Body Interface System based on Wearable Integration Monitorization) is a joint multidisciplinary effort of a number of Portuguese universities which seeks a pervasive monitoring solution for performance, physiological and biomechanical signals from a swimmer under normal training conditions. In order to achieve such an undertaking
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