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Title: Finding Representative Wind Power Scenarios and their Probabilities for Stochastic Models
Authors: Jean Sumaili
Hrvoje Keko
Vladimiro Miranda
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This paper analyzes the application of clustering techniques for wind power scenario reduction. The results have shown the unimodal structure of the scenario generated under a Monte Carlo process. The unimodal structure has been confirmed by the modes found by the information theoretic learning mean shift algorithm. The paper also presents a new technique able to represent the wind power forecasting uncertainty by a set of representative scenarios capable of characterizing the probability density function of the wind power forecast. From an initial large set of sampled scenarios, a reduced discrete set of representative scenarios associated with a probability of occurrence can be created finding the areas of high probability density. This will allow the reduction of the computational burden in stochastic models that require scenario representation.
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