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Title: 3D Virtual Labs for Internet Applications
Authors: Fernando Maciel Barbosa
M. M. Travassos Valdez
Carlos Machado Ferreira
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This article covers a rather innovative and powerful technology that enables the creation of a 3D interactive laboratory for WEB applications based on open standard VRML format for 3D multimedia and the subsequent distribution of this virtual laboratory on the Internet. The project develops an environment, called 'interactive technology of a 3D Internet Laboratory' to create various types of 3D laboratory experiments as well as their application via the Internet. The application produced is the creation of a 3D virtual laboratory for measurements and instrumentation. The description of the laboratory, fonts and data are also provided. The various steps for creating a 3D virtual laboratory are presented. Lastly, the application of the 'interactive technology laboratory 3D' is displayed and can be considered as a step forward in the development of innovative technologies for distance learning.
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