GTE: A Distributional Second-Order Co-Occurrence Approach to Improve the Identification of Top Relevant Dates in Web Snippets

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Gael Dias
Ricardo Campos
Célia Nunes
Alípio Jorge
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In this paper, we present an approach to identify top relevant dates in Web snippets with respect to a given user implicit temporal query. Our approach is two-fold. First, we propose a generic temporal similarity measure called GTE, which evaluates the temporal similarity between a query and a date. Second, we propose a classification model to accurately relate relevant dates to their corresponding query terms and withdraw irrelevant ones. We suggest two different solutions: a threshold-based classification strategy and a supervised classifier based on a combination of multiple similarity measures. We evaluate both strategies over a set of real-world text queries and compare the performance of our Web snippet approach with a query log based approach over the same set of queries. Experiments show that determining the most relevant dates of any given implicit temporal query can be improved with GTE combined with the second order similarity measure InfoSimba, the Dice coefficient and t