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Title: Bus Bunching Detection by Mining Sequences of Headway Deviations
Authors: Jorge Freire
Luís Moreira Matias
Carlos Ferreira
João Gama
João Mendes Moreira
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: In highly populated urban zones, it is common to notice headway deviations (HD) between pairs of buses. When these events occur in a bus stop, they often cause bus bunching (BB) in the following bus stops. Several proposals have been suggested to mitigate this problem. In this paper, we propose to find BBS (Bunching Black Spots) - sequences of bus stops where systematic HD events cause the formation of BB. We run a sequence mining algorithm, named PrefixSpan, to find interesting events available in time series. We prove that we can accurately model the BB trip usual pattern like a frequent sequence mining problem. The subsequences proved to be a promising way of identify the route' schedule points to adjust in order to mitigate such events.
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