Addressing the Impact of Demand and Generation Cost Uncertainties in the Operation of Power Systems

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João Tomé Saraiva
Bruno André Gomes
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This paper describes a set of mathematical formulations designed to include uncertainties modeled by fuzzy numbers in DC OPF studies. These approaches enhance and generalize an initial formulation and solution algorithm described in several papers co-authored by the second author. The approaches described in this paper adopt multiparametric optimization techniques in order to translate to the results the uncertainties affecting loads, for one side, the generation costs, for another, and also both of them in a simultaneous way. These approaches can be very useful nowadays given the uncertainties and volatility affecting data required to run several studies. They can also be the basis for the computation of nodal short time marginal prices reflecting these uncertainties. This paper also includes results obtained from a Case Study based on the IEEE 24 bus test system.