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Title: A P2P Content Delivery System for Alternative Business Models
Authors: Artur Pimenta Alves
Hélder Fernandes Castro
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The production, distribution and consumption of information goods have evolved through continuous disruptions. Presently, these activities are being disrupted by the Internet and digital technology revolutions, which challenge established practices. P2P content diffusion is playing a key role in this process. This technology has frequently been regarded as intrinsically 'ill-purposed', but this view is changing and it has begun to see some commercial use, even if timid and fraught with obstacles. In this article, we analyze the present use of P2P technologies in content diffusion. Based on previously developed work, we identify the economic root of the present problems and discuss possible solutions. Finally, we describe a possible P2P architecture, currently being implemented, that could be used to support the alternative business models needed to fully exploit Internet's potential and deliver content to the users in friendly way.
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