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Title: Impact of the ULTC on the Dynamic Voltage Collapse of an Electric Power System with Large Scale of Wind Generation
Authors: Fernando Maciel Barbosa
R. M. Monteiro Pereira
C. M Machado Ferreira
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Voltage stability is predominantly a load stability phenomenon and solutions to voltage stability can be found by control of the load as seen from the bulk power network. A delay of the load restoration gives time for other corrective actions. The load restoration may be delayed and/or limited by certain countermeasures, such as blocking of Under Load Tap Changers (ULTC). In this paper it was studied the impact of the ULTC on the dynamic voltage collapse of an electric power system with large scale wind generation. It is used the Cigré Electric Power Network with 32 bus and three wind farms equipped with wind turbines, including pitch control coupled with a Fixed Speed Induction Generator (FSIG) and a shunt capacitor bank. The automatic voltage regulators (AVR) of the generating units and the turbine speed governors were modelled. Different load models were used and the ULTC were taken into account.
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