Evaluation of the EC8-3 confidence factors for the characterization of concrete strength in existing structures

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Xavier Romão
Aníbal Costa
Rui Gonçalves
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A probabilistic framework is defined to evaluate the values of the Confidence Factors (CFs) proposed in Eurocode 8 Part 3 (EC8-3) for the characterization of material properties. This evaluation is presented for the concrete compressive strength but its validity for other material properties can also be inferred from the results obtained. The number of material tests and the existence of prior knowledge are the essential aspects for the CF quantification. The probabilistic framework proposed in the first part of the study does not consider the existence of prior knowledge and is based on the concept of confidence intervals. In the second part of the study, the effects of prior knowledge are considered using a Bayesian framework. The combination of testing data obtained from different types of tests is also addressed as an extension of the referred Bayesian approach. Results indicate that the EC8-3 proposed CFs for KL1 and KL2 are adequate, but for KL3 it is suggested that a larger valu