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dc.contributor.authorRicardo Camposen
dc.contributor.authorAlípio Jorgeen
dc.contributor.authorGaël Diasen
dc.description.abstractPredicting the future has always been one of the main aims of human beings in order to adapt their behavior and max- imize their chances of success. With the advent of the Web, which indexes a wealth of temporal information, a great number of research have been proposed in the area of Tem- poral Information Retrieval, but Future Retrieval has re- mained a di cult problem to handle. In this paper, we pro- pose to understand what the future is about. In particular, we present an exploratory study to understand how the tem- poral features impact upon the classi cation and clustering of di erent \genres" of future-related texts.en
dc.titleFuture Retrieval: What Does the Future Talk About?en
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