New Technical and Conceptual Solutions to Allow a Larger Increase of the Integration of Intermittent Energy Sources in Power Systems

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João Peças Lopes
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Increased integration of intermittent energy sources (like wind power) either in large generation facilities or in small power plants connected in the distribution grid are imposing considerable changes regarding technical and operational procedures usually followed by the electric power industry. In fact a large number of wind power parks, mini-hydros, cogeneration and biomass units, and PV arrays are being connected to the electrical network without any restriction on dispatchability, which may provoke serious problems to system management and operation. This paper describes the main challenges the integration of these new forms of energy provoke in the power system as a result of their intrinsic characteristics and as a result of the type of energy conversion systems used. New technological requirements for the energy conversion systems and conceptual management and control solutions are identified to allow for an efficient and secure operation of the power system. Namely