The role of an Aggregator Agent for EV in the Electricity Market

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Manuel Matos
Ricardo Jorge Bessa
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An aggregator agent for electric vehicles is a commercial middleman between a system operator and plug-in electrical vehicles (EV). For the system operator perspective, the aggregator is seen as a large source of generation or load, which could provide ancillary services such as spinning and regulating reserve. Generally these services will be provided in the day-ahead and intraday electricity markets. In addition, the aggregator also participates in the electricity market with supply and demand energy bids. In this paper, the integration of these concepts in an electricity market environment is discussed through proposing a framework for the information characterization (and availability) between aggregator, system operators and clients. A specific market (the Iberian Market - MIBEL) is discussed. In the sequence, the different degrees of availability of the relevant information are identified and characterized, including the variables that are necessary to forecast.