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Title: Provision of Some Ancillary Services by MicroGrid Agents
Authors: Mário Hélder Gomes
João Tomé Saraiva
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This paper describes part of the research developed by the Power Systems Unit of INESC Porto in the scope of the MoreMicrogrids EU financed project (under the Contract No: PL019864). In this project, and apart from other issues, it was investigated how microgrid agents could participate in a more effective way in electricity markets. In this paper we present models to enable the participation of microgrid agents in the provision of ancillary services, namely reactive power/voltage control, active loss balancing and demand interruption. This participation is accomplished after running the day-ahead market and it corresponds to the activation of a specific market to allocate these services. The implementation of this kind of models can contribute to create a new stream of money to microgrid agents so that they can integrate themselves in a more natural way in power systems, eventually eliminating subsidized tariffs that represent in several countries an increasing amount of the final end user tariffs. Finally, the paper includes a Case Study to illustrate the use of the developed approaches.
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