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Title: Fiber Bragg Grating Selection of Frequency Interleaved OFDM Signals in Fiber Supported Microwave Networks
Authors: Henrique Salgado
Diogo Vieira Coelho
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: The impact of fiber Bragg grating induced dispersion on the performance of frequency interleaved WDM radio-over-fiber (RoF) links with OFDM signaling is assessed. A comparison is given for both uniform and quarter-cosine apodized gratings. The frequency-interleaved optical signals are transported over 10-km-long standard single-mode fiber (SMF) in optical double-sideband (ODSB) format and filtered in optical single-sideband (OSSB) format by the FBGs. The use of OSSB signals in the reception aims to avoid the penalties generated by fiber chromatic dispersion. The simulations were performed in VPI and the system performance was evaluated in terms of Error Vector Magnitude (EVM). It is shown that apodization of the FBGs provides an improved performance of up to 1.5 dB.
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