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Title: New Trends in Russian Innovations: The Ownership Effect on the Adoption of Open Innovation Practices
Authors: Daria Podmetina
Irina Savitskaya
Marko Torkkeli
Juha Väätänen
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Open innovation paradigm has emerged into an integral element of enterprise innovation strategies. The evidence on the adoption of open innovation in transition economies is rather scarce. A distinctive feature of transition economies is the structure of company ownership and the outbalanced share of state in it. This article studies the effect of ownership in the enterprises' adoption of open innovation practices in Russia's transition economy. The study is based on the survey of 206 Russian R&D-oriented enterprises. The enterprises are classified by their ownership type. The ownership structure is divided into four value categories: state-owned, privatized, de-novo, and foreign-owned.
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