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Title: ImTV: Towards an Immersive TV experience
Authors: Maria Teresa Andrade
João Magalhães
Sharon Strover
Teresa Chambel
Paula Viana
Flávio Martins
Luis Francisco Revilla
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The media marketplace has witnessed an increase in the amount and types of viewing devices available to consumers. Moreover, a lot of these are portable, and offer tremendous personalization opportunities. Technology, distribution, reception and content developments all influence new 'television' viewing/using habits. In this paper, we report results and findings of a transnational three year research project on the Future of TV. Our main contributions are organized into three main dimensions: (1) a user survey concerning behaviors associated with media engagement; (2) technologies driving the social and personalized TV of the 21st century, e.g. crowdsourcing and recommendation systems; and (3) technologies enabling interactions and visualizations that are more natural, e.g. gestures and 360º video.
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