Operating Reserve Assessment Incorporating a Stochastic Electric Vehicle Model

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Mauro Rosa
Leonardo Bremermann
João Peças Lopes
Manuel Matos
Jean Sumaili
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Over the past years, electric vehicles have become part of the transport sector. This is mainly but not only because of public concern with regard to climate change. Similarly to what happened with renewable energy sources (RES) when internal combustion engine vehicles are replaced by electric vehicles (EV), the electric system must be prepared to absorb the impact that those vehicles will have on the grid. The objective of this paper is to present a stochastic approach based on the Homogeneous Poisson Process (HPP) to model EV so that they can be included in operating reserve studies. The main idea is to combine the traditional Markovian process that models the up and down cycles of generating units with a counting process based on the HPP to model EV charging modes into Sequential Monte Carlo Simulation (SMCS). Discussions on mobility representation and its implications on the EV charging modes are presented based on the Portuguese mobility survey and its impacts are measured through