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Title: Using Photovoltaic Systems to Improve Voltage Control in Low Voltage Networks
Authors: Fernanda Resende
Justino Miguel Rodrigues
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: This paper describes technical solutions based on advanced control functionalities for photovoltaic systems aiming to prevent voltage rise above technical limits in low voltage MicroGrids by limiting the injected active power. Due to the action of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) systems, it is expected that the output power of photovoltaic systems tracks the maximum value according to both solar and temperature conditions. Hence, limiting the active power to be injected into the low voltage network requires the accommodation of the generation surplus. An innovative approach is proposed for this purpose, exploiting a modified MPPT algorithm that finds a proper operation point considering also the grid operating conditions. The technical feasibility of this approach is evaluated through numerical simulations performed in the Matlab®/Simulink® simulation tool using the detailed models of the power electronic converters.
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