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dc.contributor.authorda Rosa,MAen
dc.contributor.authorLeonel Magalhães Carvalhoen
dc.contributor.authorFilipe Joel Soaresen
dc.contributor.authorVladimiro Mirandaen
dc.description.abstractStationary batteries are currently seen as an interesting solution to deal with the variability of the renewable energy sources. In the same way as other types of storage, e.g. pumped-hydro units, this new type of storage equipment can improve the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Additionally, the stationary batteries location in the grid is not as physically constrained as other storage systems and can be optimally selected to maximize its overall benefits. This paper proposes a new methodology to represent the unique stochastic behavior of stationary batteries while integrated into an electrical power system. This methodology includes not only the technical restrictions of this type of storage system but also how its operation strategy affects its lifetime. The methodology was tested on a small test system, which is based on the IEEE-RTS 79, using sequential Monte Carlo simulation as its core to accurately reproduce the chronology of events of stationary batteries. The results of the simulation are focused on the potential impacts of these storage devices not only in terms of renewable energy used but also in the adequacy of supply.en
dc.titleProbabilistic Analysis of Stationary Batteries Performance to Deal with Renewable Variabilityen
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