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Title: Real-time manipulation of syncopation in audio loops
Authors: Cocharro,D
Marcelo Freitas Caetano
Matthew Davies
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In this work we present a system that estimates and manipulates rhythmic structures from audio loops in realtime to perform syncopation transformations. The core of our system is a technique for the manipulation of syncopation in symbolic representations of rhythm. In order to apply this technique to audio signals we must first segment the audio loop into musical events using onset detection. Then, we use the symbolic syncopation transformation method to determine how to modify the rhythmic structure in order to change the syncopation. Finally we present two alternative methods to reconstruct the audio loop, one based on time scaling and the other on resampling. Our system, Loopalooza, is implemented as a freely available MaxForLive device to allow musicians and DJs to manipulate syncopation in audio loops in realtime. Copyright:
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