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Title: Digitised Radio Techniques for Fibre-Wireless Applications
Authors: Oliveira,JMB
Luís Manuel Pessoa
Henrique Salgado
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: In this paper we present a comprehensive analysis and a performance assessment on the transmission of digitised RF signals over optical fibre (DRoF). Specifically, a study of the impact of the ADC/DAC quantization, jitter noise and the signal attenuation caused by the sub-sampling technique and DAC frequency roll-off are addressed by means of simulation, considering the transmission of RF signals conveying QAM symbols. Additionally, an experimental evaluation of DRoF links using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) for different optical fibre attenuation levels is also conducted. Finally, a new paradigm of DRoF systems based on well-known sigma-delta modulators (SDM) is also presented. Results show that it is possible to digitally transmit signals through a digital optical-based network and to distribute them wirelessly at the receiver side without the need for local oscillators (LO) and/or frequency up-converters. Results also show that the new sigma-delta-over-fibre concept performs similarly to conventional DRoF schemes, whilst being more competitive for either upgrading installed systems as well as for new deployments.
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