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Title: Design Considerations on Feed-forward and Kalman Tracking Filters in Grid-Tied-Inverters Current-Control
Authors: João Cunha Ramos
Rui Esteves Araujo
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: It is demonstrated that in grid-tied-inverter control, resonant integrators can be moved from the current loop to the input voltage filter allowing for better accuracy of voltage rms and frequency measurements whithout compromising controlability. Design of the input filter is discussed to ensure good performance and phase compensation and a robust feed-forward is built upon this filter that, together with the elimination of output distortion, results in a fair open-loop control response. By closing the loop with a PI controller and by turning off supposedly non-conducting IGBTs, a current transient results that competes with state-of-the-art control strategies and is only limited by output filter inductance while allowing for a fast and accurate estimator of grid parameters such as voltage rms and frequency, essential for fast droop control.
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