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Title: Real-time dosimeter targeted to nuclear applications
Authors: Correia,A
Carla Carmelo Rosa
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: An intrinsic fiber optic dosimeter (FOD) targeted to nuclear applications is presented. The proposed real-time dosimeter provides dose information based on the historic record over time of the effects of ionizing radiation on single-and multi-mode pure silica fibers, and also on PMMA plastic fibers. The effect of Co-60 gamma irradiation on optical links based on silica and plastic fibers were assessed, considering thermal environment effects over a wide range of variation of the operating parameters. Cerenkov radiation and radiation-induced absorption effects were in focus. The corresponding distortion and spectral transmission degradation were evaluated over wide range of the operating parameters. Radiation induced attenuation (RIA) has shown a spectral band dependent behaviour up to 840 Gy dose levels. The performance of different fibers was assessed against the performance of non-irradiated fibers. From the measurements of dose rate and total dose imparted by ionizing radiation in the fibers we verified that fibers with radiation resistance issues showed wavelength-dependent radiation sensitivity increasing with dose rate. Upon evaluation of correlations between the total dose, the induced loss at various dose rates and different wavelengths, it was concluded that intrinsic fiber dosimeters can be used for dose rates in the range 4 - 28 Gy/min., typical of severe radiation environments.
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