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dc.contributor.authorRui Portocarrero Sarmentoen
dc.contributor.authorMário Miguel Cordeiroen
dc.contributor.authorJoão Gamaen
dc.description.abstractRegular services in telecommunications produce massive volumes of relational data. In this work the data produced in telecommunications is seen as a streaming network, where clients are the nodes and phone calls are the edges. Visualization techniques are required for exploratory data analysis and event detection. In social network visualization and analysis the goal is to get more information from the data taking into account actors at the individual level. Previous methods relied on aggregating communities, k-Core decompositions and matrix feature representations to visualize and analyse the massive network data. Our contribution is a group visualization and analysis technique of influential actors in the network by sampling the full network with a top-k representation of the network data stream. © Springer International Publishing 2015.en
dc.titleVisualization for streaming telecommunications networksen
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