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Title: EvolvDSO grid management tools to support TSO-DSO cooperation
Authors: Nuno Soares Fonseca
João Vieira Silva
André Carvalho Silva
Jean Sumaili
Luís Seca
Ricardo Jorge Bessa
Jorge Correia Pereira
Manuel Matos
Sebastian Viana,M
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This paper presents two contributions developed in the framework of evolvDSO Project to support TSO-DSO cooperation. The Interval Constrained Interval Power Flow (ICPF) tool estimates the flexibility range at primary substations by aggregating the distribution network flexibility. The Sequential Optimal Power Flow (SOPF) tool defines a set of control actions that keep the active and reactive power flow within pre-agreed limits at primary substations level, by integrating different types of flexibility levers. Several study test cases were simulated using data of four real distribution networks from France and Portugal, with different demand/generation profiles and several degrees of flexibility.
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