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Title: A multi-level tonal interval space for modelling pitch relatedness and musical consonance
Authors: Gilberto Bernardes Almeida
Diogo Miguel Cocharro
Marcelo Freitas Caetano
Carlos Guedes
Matthew Davies
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In this paper we present a 12-dimensional tonal space in the context of the Tonnetz, Chew's Spiral Array, and Harte's 6-dimensional Tonal Centroid Space. The proposed Tonal Interval Space is calculated as the weighted Discrete Fourier Transform of normalized 12-element chroma vectors, which we represent as six circles covering the set of all possible pitch intervals in the chroma space. By weighting the contribution of each circle (and hence pitch interval) independently, we can create a space in which angular and Euclidean distances among pitches, chords, and regions concur with music theory principles. Furthermore, the Euclidean distance of pitch configurations from the centre of the space acts as an indicator of consonance.
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