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Title: Computer-aided musical orchestration using an artificial immune system
Authors: Abreu,J
Marcelo Freitas Caetano
Rui Penha
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The aim of computer-aided musical orchestration is to find a combination of musical instrument sounds that approximates a target sound. The difficulty arises from the complexity of timbre perception and the combinatorial explosion of all possible instrument mixtures. The estimation of perceptual similarities between sounds requires a model capable of capturing the multidimensional perception of timbre, among other perceptual qualities of sounds. In this work, we use an artificial immune system (AIS) called opt-aiNet to search for combinations of musical instrument sounds that minimize the distance to a target sound encoded in a fitness function. Opt-aiNet is capable of finding multiple solutions in parallel while preserving diversity, proposing alternative orchestrations for the same target sound that are different among themselves. We performed a listening test to evaluate the subjective similarity and diversity of the orchestrations. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.
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