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Title: Operation and Control of Multiterminal HVDC Grids Following the Loss of an Onshore Converter
Authors: Bernardo Silva
Carlos Moreira
Hélder Leite
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: A fully operational Multi-Terminal DC (MTDC) grid will play a key role for the creation of AC systems interconnection and to integrate offshore wind farms. Disturbances (at both AC and DC side) may culminate in the sudden disconnection of onshore HVDC-VSC (High Voltage Direct Current - Voltage Source Converter). To continue operating the DC grid under these conditions, the development of control functionalities is required. A communication-free advanced control scheme is proposed to be used as a supplementary local control acting at VSC level and aiming on providing fast active power accommodation in the DC grid, culminating on the mitigation of the resulting DC overvoltage. The implementation of the proposed control mechanisms exploits a set of coordinated local control rules at the converter stations and at wind turbines (WT) level. The performance of the proposed strategies is discussed and assessed through numerical simulation in the paper.
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