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Title: Distributed Exact Deduplication for Primary Storage Infrastructures
Authors: João Tiago Paulo
José Orlando Pereira
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Deduplication of primary storage volumes in a cloud computing environment is increasingly desirable, as the resulting space savings contribute to the cost effectiveness of a large scale multi-tenant infrastructure. However, traditional archival and backup deduplication systems impose prohibitive overhead for latency-sensitive applications deployed at these infrastructures while, current primary deduplication systems rely on special cluster filesystems, centralized components, or restrictive workload assumptions. We present DEDIS, a fully-distributed and dependable system that performs exact and cluster-wide background deduplication of primary storage. DEDIS does not depend on data locality and works on top of any unsophisticated storage backend, centralized or distributed, that exports a basic shared block device interface. The evaluation of an open-source prototype shows that DEDIS scales out and adds negligible overhead
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