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Title: MeT: Workload aware elasticity for NoSQL
Authors: Francisco Miguel Cruz
Francisco Almeida Maia
Miguel Marques Matos
Rui Carlos Oliveira
João Tiago Paulo
José Orlando Pereira
Ricardo Pereira Vilaça
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: NoSQL databases manage the bulk of data produced by modern Web applications such as social networks. This stems from their ability to partition and spread data to all available nodes, allowing NoSQL systems to scale. Unfortunately, current solutions' scale out is oblivious to the underlying data access patterns, resulting in both highly skewed load across nodes and suboptimal node configurations. In this paper, we first show that judicious placement of HBase partitions taking into account data access patterns can improve overall throughput by 35%. Next, we go beyond current state of the art elastic systems limited to uninformed replica addition and removal by: i) reconfiguring existing replicas according to access patterns and ii) adding replicas specifically configured to the expected access pattern. MeT is a prototype for a Cloud-enabled framework that can be used alone or in conjunction with OpenStack for the automatic and heterogeneous reconfiguration of a HBase deployment. Our evaluation, conducted using the YCSB workload generator and a TPC-C workload, shows that MeT is able to i) autonomously achieve the performance of a manual configured cluster and ii) quickly reconfigure the cluster according to unpredicted workload changes. © 2013 ACM.
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