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Title: An Integrated Management Supervisor for End-to-End Management of Heterogeneous Contents, Networks, and Terminals enabling Quality of Service
Authors: Hélder Fernandes Castro
Ahmed Mehaoua
Pedro Souto
Maria Teresa Andrade
Pedro Miguel Carvalho
Mamadou Sidibé
Christian Timmerer
Artur Lugmayr
Michael Mackay
Adam Lindsay
Li Fang
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: End-to-end support for Quality of Service (QoS) has been broadly discussed in the literature. Many technologies have been proposed, each focusing on specific aspects for providing QoS guarantees to the end user. However, the integrated management of the end-to-end chain preserving QoS in heterogeneous environments is still a significant issue and insufficiently addressed to date. In this paper we propose an integrated management supervisor that takes into account the requirements from all stakeholders along the multimedia content delivery chain and provides an end-to-end management solution enabling QoS to the end user. This architecture and the subsystems that can be distributed along the end-to-end chain are detailed in this paper.
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