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Title: SafeRegions: Performance evaluation of multi-party protocols on HBase
Authors: Rogério António Pontes
Francisco Almeida Maia
João Tiago Paulo
Ricardo Pereira Vilaça
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: On-line applications and services are now a critical part of our everyday life. Using these services typically requires us to trust our personal or company's information to a large number of third-party entities. These entities enforce several security measures to avoid unauthorized accesses but data is still stored on common database systems that are designed without data privacy concerns in mind. As a result, data is vulnerable against anyone with direct access to the database, which may be external attackers, malicious insiders, spies or even subpoenas. Building strong data privacy mechanisms on top of common database systems is possible but has a significant impact on the system's resources, computational capabilities and performance. Notably, the amount of useful computation that may be done over strongly encrypted data is close to none, which defeats the purpose of offloading computation to third-party services. In this paper, we propose to shift the need to trust in the honesty and security of service providers to simply trust that they will not collude. This is reasonable as cloud providers, being competitors, do not share data among themselves. We focus on NoSQL databases and present SafeRegions, a novel prototype of a distributed and secure NoSQL database that is built on top of HBase and that guarantees strong data privacy while still providing most of HBase's query capabilities. SafeRegions relies on secret sharing and multiparty computation techniques to provide a NoSQL database built on top of multiple, non-colluding service providers that appear as a single one to the user. Strikingly, service providers, individually, cannot disclose any of the user's data but, together, are able to offer data storage and processing capabilities. Additionally, we evaluate SafeRegions exposing performance trade-offs imposed by security mechanisms and provide useful insights for future research on performance optimization.
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